Mt. Shasta Climb May 2003 - Kaj's scans
Nick Fohl
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01trailhead1 02trailhead2 03gear_check 04turlock_tie_boots 05camp1_arrival
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06camp1_arrival2 07digging_kitchen-1 08digging_kitchen-2 09digging_kitchen-3 10mtn1
06camp1_arrival2.jpg 07digging_kitchen-1.jpg 08digging_kitchen-2.jpg 09digging_kitchen-3.jpg 10mtn1.jpg
11mtn2 12mtn3 13mtn4 14mtn5 15mtn6
11mtn2.jpg 12mtn3.jpg 13mtn4.jpg 14mtn5.jpg 15mtn6.jpg


Guide Service:  Shasta Mountain Guides.   Ben and Leslie - who were great - very steady.

The crew - Patrick, Turloch, Kaj and Steve (plus me obviously)

These are shots from Kaj and Steve's cameras - you can see other shots if you go back up one level.

We didn't end up summiting due to a pretty heavy whiteout condition starting at Helen Lake (10,000')  most of the time we couldn't see from one end of our short rope team to the other.  We bailed on the guides decision - applause all around - just below the Thumb at around 12,000+  Despite not summitting, all had a very fun time and we resolved to return as a group to try again.