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Kathy's Getaways - my friend Kathy's online blog about her emigration experience to New Zealand

Koford's Ice House - Christmas Day 2005  An interesting dry laid stone structure - photos and quick mpeg movie ______________________________________________

Mountaineering Guide services I have used and would recommend again.  I am a firm believer that the guide services are well worth the money.  Conditions on many mountains change rapidly and it is very useful to have experienced guides who know the conditions and can balance safety with a successful summit.  Several times Kaj and I have been glad to have them - they have guided us around conditions we would have been forced to be very conservative or the risks would have been too great.

  • Ranier Mountaineering Inc.  Lou Whittaker's outfit on Mt. Rainer in Washington.  Lou was the first American to summit Everest from the north side.  These guys are great - they push hard early on in snow school and the trip up to Muir hut to make sure that everyone in the group is up for the challenge.  This helps the overall chances of the group making the summit because people who are not doing well (illness, injury, fitness) self select and hang out in the hut instead of making a summit attempt that would be un-successful.  That being said, I have yet to summit!!  the first try was weather, the second, bronchitis
  • Shasta Mountain Guides.  Kaj and I have the most experience with these folks - Chris and his wife are great and run an excellent outfit.  Of the 3 separate trips we have done with them we are 50% success rate.  The first trip Kaj had altitude problems between 12-13K feet and had to turn back (I summitted).  Kaj summitted from the north side later that season.  Most recently (see the trips for 2003), we got turned back due to heavy white out conditions.  The guides were extremely professional all around
  • Sierra Mountain Center.  Kaj discovered these guys for our most recent big climb - North Palisades.  Located in Bishop, CA these guys have a lot of technical rock hound expertise as well as general mountaineering skills and experience.  I do NOT like to climb in exposed places and I felt very safe with them.  We summitted the 14K+ North Palisade peak without issue (despite some fresh snow and ice in August!)